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Welcome to Charles Paulin and Company incorporating St Luce and Company, a long-established and well-respected small office of solicitors practising in South London.

We provide legal advice and legal services for individuals, specialising in children, family and civil law.

Why choose us?

Choosing which lawyer to use is always, ultimately, a personal decision; only you can judge who would be best for you. To help you decide, we offer:

A personal, understanding and friendly approach

We are known for our warm and sensitive approach. We will guide you through every stage, conscious of difficulties you might face.

A fast, efficient, transparent service

We offer a quick service – aiming never to compromise on accuracy and detail – and give you an estimate of costs before we start.

A professional service which reflects our expertise

We work hard to provide the best available legal advice, anticipating your needs for the long term.

If our professional approach sounds right for your needs, please get in touch.

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